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Our roots began in 1991 with founder Jon Fowell practicing above a shop-front in Burwood. Today, Carnegie Financial Services operates out of their head office in Parramatta with additional offices in Barangaroo and on the Central Coast. With the longevity of Jon’s career spanning over 30 years, he possesses the expertise to navigate a wide range of situations.

Many of Jon’s clients from 1991 are still with the firm to this day, adapting to each client’s needs to build a foundation of wealth throughout the different phases of life.  

What We Do

We aren’t your ‘once a year accountants’, we want to see our clients as much as possible. We believe that the best way to pass on knowledge and guidance is through consistent and effective communication, with this level of communication with their trusted adviser businesses and individuals can achieve more. Through this belief we have developed the four key pillars of our offering. Each playing a vital part in what is a holistic solution to building wealth, ensuring legal and taxation compliance and creating lasting relationships.

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