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November 2021

   Happy November ! In this edition..

  • Becoming the executor of a deceased estate
  • New Super Laws to improve the way super is divided in divorce
  • Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on sales of property inherited by a foreign resident
  • CGT retirement exemptions
  • Extension of Covid -19 relief measures for SMSF

December 2021

New Director ID is here ….

All directors need to apply for a Director ID… read about this new system here. If you are a company director  you must apply for a Director ID read about how to do this and when you have to do it by.

September 2021

Welcome to Spring !  Articles in this edition cover

  • Work-related travel and living away from home costs
  • SMSF and property development – emerging risks
  • Claiming GST Credits for employee reimbursements
  • Buying a new home before selling the old one
  • Trust distributions to non-residents
  • Reducing multiple super accounts for employees – stapling super

October 2021

This month the articles are :

  • CGT implications for home as a place of business during COVID
  • Inheriting  rental properties jointly
  • SuperStream deadline – what it means for SMSF trustees

July 2021

Welcome to a New Financial Year!

  • ATO Tips for your business tax return- common mistakes to avoid
  • Deductions for clothing and laundry
  • Steps to take to wind up an SMSF
  • Why you might not get a refund but instead have a liability.

August 2021

  • Your Future, Your Super – what it means for you
  • Capital Works Deductions for rental properties
  • Family Trusts and Discretionary Trusts
  • Where do reward programs stand in regard to tax?

May 2021

This month to help you …

  • Tax Tips to help your tax planning before the end of the financial year
  • Dealing with Excess before-tax Super Contributions
  • You may be eligible for the SME loan recovery scheme

June 2021

This month learn more about …

  • Cryptocurrency- if you’ve invested in cryptocurrency or are thinking of investing you need to be aware of the unique tax treatment of this type of investment.
  • Personal Services Income – new guidance from the ATO
  • Eligibility requirements for SMSF trustees

March 2021

There are lots of different topics in this month’s newsletter –

  • Keeping ABN details up to date
  • Cashflow Coaching Kit
  •  Vehicle FBT changes under COVID-19
  • Lump Sum payments in arrears  tax offset

April 2021

In this month’s newsletter –

  • New Insolvency Reforms to support small business
  • Real Estate and Capital Gains Tax
  • Managing your Superannuation transfer balance account
  • Loan interest and partnerships


February 2021

In this issue what you need to know about JobMaker. Read about help with your tax if you have been affected by a natural disaster.

December 2020

A run down of the new loss carry back measure, small business CGT concessions and claiming interest expenses for rental properties.

November 2020

This issue will mainly relate to our clients who operate in New South Wales as the budget was released this previous week, however it also features the Australian wide Job Maker which has now been legislated but not rolled out.

September 2020

This issue will mainly relate to the Ceasing JobKeeper 1.0,
Starting JokKeeper 2.0 and Victorian Government Support. The first instance of JobKeeper will cease on the 27th of September 2020. It is vital that you action the following on 28th of September if you are registered in the JobKeeper program, regardless of your intention to register for JobKeeper 2.0.

August 2020

This is a quick newsletter to update you on the changes in regards to the extension of the Job Keeper Subsidy which has been in the news recently. It is important to note that none of these changes have been legislated yet and are subject to further change.

July 2020

The new financial year is upon us, while there is much uncertainty due to COVID-19 there are not many countries as well placed as Australia at this point in time.

June 2020

After much deliberation and change the ATO on Sunday night (3rd of May) rolled out their Job Keeper portal so eligible businesses can now start to claim for their eligible employees.

April 2020

Firstly we would like to thank you all for your patience during this time, we have had unprecedented levels of correspondence from clients in this ever changing landscape and we have been sticking to our principles of returning questions, emails & calls as soon as possible.