Accounting, Tax planning and compliance has always and always form the core of what we do. Making sure we have a strong knowledge of taxation law and practice and decades of experience allows an accountant to provide valued advice in multiple sectors, whether it’s just an individual tax return or a global entity. Whether that is to grow, save or maintain your business. Under the guidance of Jon and Nick our team of accountants have a keen sense of responsibility in delivering the best service and advice that is in the best interest of our clients.

We pride ourselves at staying at the forefront of accounting obligations and reporting and how it impacts our client’s lives. We do not see tax as a “once a year” item, but rather a multiple year solution. We want and need to be involved with the decisions our clients make, to make sure that from an Accounting and Taxation perspective we have provided the best tailored solution possible.

Our team undergoes regular and thorough training to make sure that we are up to date with changes in this fast-paced world. Our newsletters go out regularly and they are designed to wade through complicated legislation and translate it into English to make sure our whole client base stays informed and with consultation with Carnegie, make the best decisions possible. All taxation advice given will be within the relevant jurisdiction’s legislation and legal principles.

We aim to maintain cordial relationships with taxation authorities both state and Federal, however, we will not hesitate to advocate our client’s position within the scope of the law.

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